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Walk Tall: Third Class

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Revised Walk Tall: Third Class €10 each including P & P in Ireland

The original Walk Tall classroom materials were devised in the mid-1990s on foot of a Ministerial Task Force Report (1996) which recommended that substance misuse preventative strategies should be put in place as early as possible in the classroom, and before children begin to experiment with drugs. At that time, the classroom materials were piloted, and feedback from teachers contributed to cycles of review, prior to their finalisation and dissemination to primary schools. The current edition of Walk Tall has been informed by feedback from teachers gathered at a series of one-day reviews held around the country during 2009/10. While teachers were happy with the overall content, structure and features of the Programme, they suggested that an update was timely, both in terms of tailoring the classroom materials to a more diverse pupil population, updating some of the content (for example, stories), and making a more explicit link between Walk Tall and the content objectives of the 1999 Social Personal and Health Education (SPHE) curriculum in order to assist classroom planning. Teachers were also looking for a comprehensive programme for implementing the SPHE Curriculum. All of this feedback informed the revision of the Walk Tall Programme.


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