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Breathe – Self-regulation and Relaxation Techniques for Children

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Breathe – Self-regulation and Relaxation Techniques for Children (English and Irish)

Becoming aware of your breath and learning to control it is a useful self-regulation tool that allows children to gain composure, develop good posture, relax, de-stress and better understand themselves and others. Children can use breathing techniques to deal with anxiety, anger and tension. They can be taught how to apply an awareness of breath to stressful situations such as dealing with exams and tests, conflicts or being bullied, as well as before performing or presenting to their peers and parents. Breathing techniques can also help children to create a space into which they can come to understand their own emotions such as anxiety, anger or worry, and the physiological responses that these emotions manifest in their bodies such as tummy aches, headaches and fatigue. This immensely popular resource features a range of calming breathing techniques, written activities and guided visualisations that children can use to bring about a sense of peace and comfort in any situation. The resource is suitable for children of all ages and class levels.